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It's instructing the healer to keep Force Armor on the tank at all times but then states to save it until the tank is in the "yellow" zone of healing. With 20 seconds of Force-imbalance I can't see Force Armor always making it into the rotation for the tank.
I have plenty of feedback on your other comments, but I'm pressed for time right now, so I just wanted to address this point. I'll be back

The yellow priority use of Force Armor is intended to apply to everyone other than the tank. Given that FA is powerful and reasonably efficient, I refresh it on the tank whenever possible, since tanks by definition take regular damage, and by virtue of having high mitigation they're not going to get spiked or melted as fast as the rest of the raid.

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I agree, all this does is usually make you start off with less than 100% force while 80% of the people you bubbled don't get any benefit from the bubble anyway (how often does everyone in the raid immediately take damage?).
Um, "and Meditate"? Free healing is free healing.

Your evaluation of Willpower vs Power is right on the mark, though.