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First, the "Priority Flowchart" seemed contradictory, or I'm just reading it wrong?

It's instructing the healer to keep Force Armor on the tank at all times but then states to save it until the tank is in the "yellow" zone of healing. With 20 seconds of Force-imbalance I can't see Force Armor always making it into the rotation for the tank. Out of practice, I find it better to save Force Armor for when you know a heavy hit is coming for any player (like the Baradium Bomber's Rocket Launcher), or if a player drops to around 25%, this depending on the fight of course.
The tank is always taking damage, so having force armor up on the tank on CD is a good idea. Force armor is a very efficient heal. Rejuvenate is also a good idea for the armor buff as well as the heals which leads into healing trance with the increased crits. Now that being said, if you can outheal the damage with a rejuvenate and a healing trance then Force Armor isn't strictly necessary but it does help pause the incoming damage so you can top off the tank.

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Second, step one of the flowchart I see Seers doing all the time, and honestly I don't think it is necessary.
I agree, all this does is usually make you start off with less than 100% force while 80% of the people you bubbled don't get any benefit from the bubble anyway (how often does everyone in the raid immediately take damage?).

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Onager, as said in his guide, has a personal preference of having a higher then average crit, around 35% unbuffed. I lean towards a heavier Power build with an unbuffed crit of 25%. Why so low of crit? Allow me to explain.

Lucky Shots, the Smuggler class buff, provides 5% crit automatically putting it up to 30%. Force Valor, the Consular buff, takes it up to 31%. Add just a Prototype Resolve stim (+104 Willpower) and fully buffed that's nearly 32% crit with already 1910 Willpower for my stats. Now that amount of crit may be on the low side for some of you but it seems to work out fairly well for me. I have a 73.64% Surge chance at the moment so when I do crit is well worth it. My bonus healing fully buffed is also 764.8 boosting my base heals by a seriously large amount making those crits all the sweeter. With enough power the versatility of Seer healing is endless because when you do need an "uh-oh" button you have Force Armor and Force Potency to throw that player back into the upper bracket of their health no sweat. I firmly believe that Seer healing is pivotal for Ops just because we are the most versatile healers and preform best when having to maintain large groups of players. Other healers shine with single-target healing or maybe four people at a time, but the Seer is the only one that can easily cover an entire 8-man Ops group no sweat. I feel that Power fills in as a better stat for maintaining the group than crit just because I don't need to rely on a chance of a critical to be effective. High crit, on the other hand, plays a huge role in single-target healing and an emergency heal, but as I said early, that's what Force Potency is for. I don't find myself using Force Potency often so it is nearly always ready to go in case a little burst healing is needed.

In the guide it said to stack Resolve augments no matter what. If you are favoring a crit build and already nearing or hitting diminishing returns (DR), then I would say go for it. Primary stats like Willpower, Strength, Aim, and Cunning don't start hitting "significant" DR until 2000, and even then the scale for DR is less than Surge and Crit. Personally, I use whatever augments compliment my gear make-up. At the moment I am using Overkill (Power) augments, but that may change soon in order to add a small amount of Alacrity so I can drop an Alacrity enhancement for some more Surge. As I said, I'm still itemizing my gear and will probably be at it for another week or so. Just to quell some worries, I am looking into boosting my crit a bit more, so I'm not that stubborn with my "unlimited power" build.
Correct me if I'm wrong but the class buff to crit isn't effected by diminishing returns (or very little). So having a higher than average crit with the added buff is a huge help when healing.

Now, having looked at similiar threads in the gunslinger and trooper forums, it seems that it is almost always beneficial to stack your primary stat over power. Your primary stat benefits from plus 6% willpower from talents and +5% from buffs. Power does not. This negates most of the benefit of the bonus healing from power. Your primary stat also adds to crit which I think is also not subject to diminishing returns the way crit rating is. So unless you're short on a stat, I think your best bet is to stack willower augments.