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I must say I have been pleasently pleased with EAs reactions to my reports on hacking
I do wish it was fixed and I will not say the game improving with out those fixes, but as a MMORPG vetran of 21 years, Im satisfied with the ingame responce by EA.

I dont expect them to remove players I report instantly, I do expect them to investigate and find the truth of my report!

In time I hope they create a user base of reliable reporters and those that report because they lost (sadly they do exist).

But for anyone to say they havent seen these hacks, honestly those woiuld be key accounts Id start "watching" in game as the hacks are pretty obvious and you gotta be in complete denial (or have something to hide) if you claiming they not there.

Some things Ive seen in last 4 weeks

1) Watched a single assassin (with no heal support healing them) take out 3 reps (I was stuck ccd and waiting on it to wear out so got to watch entire meeting while targetting the assassin) players 1-3 with out taking a single point of damage (good player could win sure but no damage at all? come on) and then when 3rd player dropped I watched the assassin ZOOM across the lenth of board in under a second (just a line of blur) from the side of the rep pit to the end zone of the imp side.

That player was reported by me

2) Other night I watched a entire pre made team (of varying classes) be able to constantly travel to and from snow to grass and back to snow in under 5 secs. The entire pre made could be veiwed by a stealther sitting at snow, we hit grass and 5 seconds later 6 opponents showed up at grass. This went on over and over till finally we all just sat in middle as it didnt pass the smell test to any of us.

That one was not reported by me as I didnt have hard visual proff (for my own sake) but lets be hoinest, we all know what was happening there.

3) Other day I watched a single Shadow cc 5 of us in under 2 secs. Just ran to Snow and single targetted us 1 by one and ccd us. Having a shadow myself and a level 49 smuggler I have a good understanding of how CC from stealth works and know you can not single target cc 5 players (or mobs) in a matter of seconds.

And lets be clear, we were spread out so this was NOT a aoe cc (not sure if Shadows have a aoe cc at higher levels or not but ive never heard of it anyways). this was bang bang bang bang bang ... entire defenders ccd by 1 shadow as he waited for his fellow players to arrive as the stuns wore off.

This player was reported by me as I know for a fact thats not reasonable or honest.

4) (this is outside of PVP) Yesterday was on my 110% speed bke and passed a trooper van in combat with a turret and 2 droids.
I spotted a turret coming alive at far end of turret map as I drove past the trooper van and continued on straight for it!
Suddenly ON FOOT the trooper van runs past my speeder and engages the new turret a good 2 secs before my 110% speed bike arrives!

ON FOOT, from active combat.

That player was reported by me with a FULL description of happening.

All in all Ive done about 5-6 reports 1 pve and 4-5 pvp.
I need to be able to say I saw something thats just impossible by the standard rule set for me to report

But its very much for real in pvp and sadly seems to be appearing in pve as well.

There is a hacking problem in PVP and its spreading to PVE.

But again Ill say (and anyone thats read any of my posts knows I dont give EA breaks or credit undeserved)

Im satisfied with their responces to my reports.

In a months time if I see those players still cheating, well my opinion will change drastically on that statement as a month is long enough to investigate imo.

But for now Im satisfied in this department and can honestly say Ive not seen any of these players again (other then the guy from yesterday but I didnt expect him to be instant banned). That might just be lucky on my part or maybe action already been taken!

One thing id like to see change though!

I know EA says obviously they cant update you on responce to report and I find that perfectly acceptable!

But I would like to see a list of names banned for cheating as other games have done regarding these players.

Public shame is a powerful tool and I trust no one getting the ban or suspension with out EA first doing sue diligence on the issue.

Sorry for long post
Last night I was playing huttball and I saw a shadow kill 25 people one after another while warping around the map. He then used his 25 person kill streak to call in a nuke and that ended the match with my team losing.

I reported him