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While I still think it's a good idea to keep this thread at the top of the room, I don't think it is going to get BioWare's attention, it's a big forum and this is tucked away in the corner. And it's already one of the biggest threads in the JK section anyway.

Right now I think the best thing we can do is to continually contact as many staff members as possible via Twitter and PM and refer them to this thread. Find whoever you can who works at BioWare Austin, the more senior the better, and also make sure to contact the community managers. Even get in touch with the Doctors - Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk. If enough people make enough noise, eventually they will realise that this is an important issue to us and fix it, or at the very least acknowledge and respond to us.

Another thing we can do is start as many threads about it as possible in General Discussion, and any other areas that the staff frequent the most. They'll probably just get closed or moved, but at least somebody will be looking at them.

I don't think this is a matter of bioware not knowing about the issue.

Someone over there consciously made the decision that there would be no hood down options for Knights, and that person's boss agreed, and then his boss agreed. (we know this because 100% of the hood down jedi knight armors that were in the beta were removed for launch)

Just as all of the clown-costume 1.2 armor designs made their way across multiple desks, and multiple people signed off on the satelite-dish helmets, and just as many people approved the overblown-charicature-anime shoulder pads.

Don't fool yourself. This was all done on purpose. I can't imagine a purpose for witholding the comely armors from paying customers and giving them to the NPCs (who i don't think are giving them money)......but it was a conscious decision they made.

It's amazing to me that no one who approved those designs (or the artists themselves) asked themselves, "would I want to look like this?"