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Not a bad idea.. But I still think devoting too many resources to this would be a waste of time as 99% of the time its people that just dont understand the game mechanics. I still remember when people could have SWORN that this jugg was cheating when in fact he was just friendly jumping to a stealthed operative in the inzone. Stupid OP but still not hacking..
Agreed, AWESOME as an idea, but in practice it would be 20,000 reports a day of "this sage is SPEED HACKING, he was running REALLY FAST for almost 3 whole seconds" and maybe 1 of a real person using a real exploit. The reality is most of the known exploits have been around forever and the problem isn't that the Dev's don't know about them, it's that they are low priority fixes, or extremely complicated fixes (geographic glitches being among the hardest to fix in an MMO)