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@Elyx.: I'm not going to paste your quote because it would cause unnecessary bulk. But you're right. I love the system SWTOR has of REing items. That's the best thing I've seen in an MMO. Honestly, I wasn't even really thinking of the crafting process itself. I used WoW as an example because I haven't played that many MMOs and I did enjoy the system as a whole. But you are right. I think that both WoW and Star Wars have the same problem though. Unless you are crafting the purple for every level range, it usually just ends up being easier to just get gear from Comms and FPs, atleast that's the case for me. I try to stay well ahead of my level in my crafting but I still end up over leveled by the time I get the purple recipes. So crafting the BoE items doesn't seem to have much of a point to me, unless I'm making them for my companions

The point of tradeskills (well done ones, anyways) is twofold:
1. Make money by selling to other players.
2. See other players using stuff you've made.

Perks work AGAINST both those aspects. Perks force typical players who would otherwise be happy consumers into being producers themselves in order to get those perks, which will (eventually) be deemed neccessary to "compete". Thus both reducing demand (less people needing/wanting to buy your products) and increasing supply (more people able to make said products). Thus any particular crafters "share" of the population dramatically decreases. So less people buying a particular persons stuff, and using a particular persons stuff.
^Valid point. But I wasn't talking about crafting specifically. I was talking about all crew skills. I just couldn't come up with any good perks for gathering and missions skills. But I do understand your point. Some people are happy to be consumers, and that's great, and should be taken into account.

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1. Remove annoyance factor. Unrandomize missions. Always see the most efficient mission of each type available. Once a companion is sent out on that mission, it is immediately replaced with the next most efficient mission. No need to refresh.

2. Reduce reliance on RNG. Move to some form of EXP based system when learning schematics. (can still involve RNG, maybe lucky roll = 2x exp or somesuch).

Oh, and incidentally, I also like the idea of some sort of "per item" skill thing. As you make versions of a particular item, you gain experience at making that particular item, and sort of "level up" that item, giving small boosts to it's quality. Maybe even instead of the RE system? Or working alongside it?
I really like that last idea there. Leveling up an item (it would have to have a max level, of course) Would be great. It would be kinda similiar to REing items, but kind of a step up. Interesting.

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The result is a crafting system that rewards you for your time/devotion in crafting, and also makes item production varied. This means that when you look for things to buy you have availability as a factor, as well as quality of the item. Yes it means that there will be substandard goods on the market, but if no x39 Blaster is any different than the rest then you have no reason to try and excel in crafting, just go loot it. If that was the idea then it would have been better to just leave crafting out of the game period. The system in place now is really just a rube goldberg contraption that spits out loot table items.
That's an interesting way to go about it, but Iike it. I would seriously boost the economy if items had a decay on them. Not sure how it would work with end-game raiding though.