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If you really want us to report give us an optimized mechanism. E.g. come up with some hotkeys we can use in WZ that will collect some information, then after the WZ is over we can finish the report.

Example: I think player X is cheating in some way. I target player X and hit the "cheater?" key. At this point, there is a wealth of things BW can do. At the very least, you can remember the toon name so when I fill out the report after WZ.
Not a bad idea.. But I still think devoting too many resources to this would be a waste of time as 99% of the time its people that just dont understand the game mechanics. I still remember when people could have SWORN that this jugg was cheating when in fact he was just friendly jumping to a stealthed operative in the inzone. Stupid OP but still not hacking..
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