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WE were the attackers, THEY were the defenders. In the example I provided earlier, they were all dead and had respawned on the other side of the force fields but were still able to shoot us at the controls and prevent us from dropping the shields, but we couldn't target them to CC or kill them to stop it, and it ended up costing us the match.

It was already explained that this is in fact an exploit of a known bug, and is therefore reportable as a TOS violation.

(Allison: Feel free to correct me if I'm off-base here.)
If it's an exploit of a KNOWN BUG then it's not HACKING or CHEATING it's EXPLOITING. Get it right. Cheating and hacks are things that require someone to gain an unfair advantage by manipulating computer code. Exploiting is one team being willing and able to take advantage of how biggie the game is while the other is not.

More importantly, hacking and cheating are thing we as players can have a reasonable exception that BW will prevent. Exploiting is not. Exploiting will always be there. When the current exploits are fixed, the players will find new ones. The only thing we can ask is that they take action against people using them, and given how rare I see them used I would say they are.