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If you are the defender and have a ranged AE ability you can cast it across if you stand in the center and reach some people but the bridge cap device . It's a dangerous endeavor though since if you stand out there enemies can jump across to you.

Maybe if you stand on that balcony above, or better yet the railing of that balcony, you can also target over the force field. Have to test it as it would seem over 30 range away. Though maybe Disturbance with its 35 range could make it.

I mentioned AE ranged because they have 8 radius so 30 range and then 8 radius means you hit people 38 away. At least I think it's 8 radius.. maybe it's less.
As the attacker you can jump off your re-spawn point (the high ledge) while targeting a defender on the other side of the force field and leap to them if the angels are right, seeing the field only LOS up to a given point.