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Even understanding player abilities and different class abilities there are still fishy things that go on;

Case and point, 2nd to last doors in VS blow, I get sentinel sprint plus use my sage force speed. I don't get slowed up or touched on my way to defend the next section prior to the last doors. When I reach the far terminal for the force field, I see an operative 75% done planting a bomb on the door. Luckily I throw a FIB and stop him, but I still see no possible way he could have outrun me and capped the force-field terminal, dropped and be 75% done planting a bomb before I arrive at the final terminal location. I could live with him starting to cap the final terminal for the force field when I arrive, but not having already capped, dropped and almost planted on the next door.

Do I think cheating goes on as much as people think? No - but I do believe it happens.
1.) You may have sitll been in-combat, despite not being touched, so you didn't have "sprint"'s ooc movement speed modifier. Ops/Scounds have a "combat cloak" which removes them from combat, so he'll certainly get the "sprint" speed mofifier.
2.) Ops/Scounds get a 50% speed boost following their combat cloak (if talented).
3.) You may have had predation from an annihilation/watchman or rage/focus marauder/sentinel, while he had it from a carnage/combat mara/sent (which is an extra 30% faster buff).
4.) Don't use force speed until predation has ended - they don't stack, and force speed's speed boost takes precedence for its duration - you'll get farther faster if you use force speed after predation has expired.
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