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Forgot to give my suggestions:

1. Remove annoyance factor. Unrandomize missions. Always see the most efficient mission of each type available. Once a companion is sent out on that mission, it is immediately replaced with the next most efficient mission. No need to refresh.

2. Reduce reliance on RNG. Move to some form of EXP based system when learning schematics. (can still involve RNG, maybe lucky roll = 2x exp or somesuch).

3. Remove reliance on actually raiding/grouping to get end game schematics. Currently AFAIK the only way to obtain "end game" schematics is by REing BoP drops/commendation purchases that require actually doing the adventuring content to obtain. Suggestion: Move to some form of crafting commendation/points system. Points are rewarded to the crafters based on adventurers using their gear to complete flashpoints/ops/etc. (Since I've seen the "made by" tag on gear "worn off", I assume it DOES actually link to the actual crafter. If not, it would need to be made to do so.) There would also need to be some multiplier associated as well however, The muliplier would be (FP - MP)/MP, where FP is the first price the item is sold for, and MP is the average purchase cost of the required mats using GTN prices for the last 10 days at the time the item was made. (-'s treated as 0). When selling an item, the crafter would be available to view this multiplier as he is specifying the price. For friends/alts/guildmembers of the crafter, there would be some static multiplier based on tuning. (friends would have to be friends for a certain minimum time) This would prevent rich crafters from simply flooding the market at/below cost and/or giving stuff away free in order to get the points to get the better equipment. If they aren't making a profit, they aren't getting the points. Better the profit, better the points.

Schematics/etc. can then be bought with these points from crewskill vendors on fleet. Said schematics would be "green", and a step or two down from good drops from that tier flashpoint/ops. They would also use relatively commonly available mats. (i.e. nothing requiring raiding/flashpoints to obtain, prossiblyy stuff you can just send companions out on missions for, or relatively cheap with points) They can, however, be RE'd (using whatever the new RE system is) to acquire schematics for "blue" equipment roughly equivelent to the good drops from that tier flashpoint/ops. This blue equipment would require relatively harder to get mats. (i.e. Non BoP drops from the flashpoint/ops, more expensive points purchases from the crewskill merchants). Again, these blue mats would be able to be RE'd to learn the purple gear. This purple gear would be a step BETTER than the best drops from that tier FP/op. It would also require mats that are only dropped from the boss(es?) of that FP/op. Should either still not be BoP, or there would need to be a way where crafters can make stuff for people using the other peoples mats.

Oh, and incidentally, I also like the idea of some sort of "per item" skill thing. As you make versions of a particular item, you gain experience at making that particular item, and sort of "level up" that item, giving small boosts to it's quality. Maybe even instead of the RE system? Or working alongside it?