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No, no, no, no, NO!

Perks are precisely what's BAD about WoW's crafting system. Tradeskill perks (that help adventure) are a HORRIBLE idea. The only perks tradeskills should ever get are those that help the tradeskilling itself, and then it's more of an alternate advancement system than it is a "perk".

The point of tradeskills (well done ones, anyways) is twofold:
1. Make money by selling to other players.
2. See other players using stuff you've made.

Perks work AGAINST both those aspects. Perks force typical players who would otherwise be happy consumers into being producers themselves in order to get those perks, which will (eventually) be deemed neccessary to "compete". Thus both reducing demand (less people needing/wanting to buy your products) and increasing supply (more people able to make said products). Thus any particular crafters "share" of the population dramatically decreases. So less people buying a particular persons stuff, and using a particular persons stuff.

Thankfully, while Bioware made this mistake early on, (Biochem/cybertech reuseables, Rakata BoP equips) They've already said they are taking steps to eradicate those perks, and in fact have largely done so. (Reuseables are being phased out, no more BoP crafteables)