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I never played SWG, so I don't know what you mean. Explain?
apologies for being unclear.

1) Materials in those games have one or more variable quality numbers. This factors into the stats of the end product that you craft. When you go to Tatooine and gather a Phobium (?) node, you should get phobium that has some sort of a quality rating, preferably some number. The quality varies from week to week say, so next week on Tatooine you may not find as good, or you may find better. Same goes for looted Mats. Mats looted in FPs/Ops/PvP could have extra features/qualities.

2) Items should have some sort of a long decay process so that there is a reason for crafters to continue to make stuff. This could be overcome by a bind system for items that are irreplaceable (you bind your lightsaber to you and then it cant take permanent damage) so that epic stuff is not lost. The binding process should use some craftable kit though.

3) Stat Bonuses for crafting + Crafting skill level should be in the equation. Biochem shold be able to make foods that help in crafting, and gear that aids in crafting would also be great (+10 workstation for your ship, Biochem Mask gives +10 to outcome).

The result is a crafting system that rewards you for your time/devotion in crafting, and also makes item production varied. This means that when you look for things to buy you have availability as a factor, as well as quality of the item. Yes it means that there will be substandard goods on the market, but if no x39 Blaster is any different than the rest then you have no reason to try and excel in crafting, just go loot it. If that was the idea then it would have been better to just leave crafting out of the game period. The system in place now is really just a rube goldberg contraption that spits out loot table items.