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Maybe I've missed it, but what's the incentive to accept a friend trial over just downloading the game and start the free trial right away?

Wouldn't it generate a lot more sales and subscriptions if you just add the speeder to the new account on first subscription payment, as well? Or at least some kind of item exclusive to the referral program?

Right now it's just the same as if you just went straight for the free trial, except for somebody else getting something nice out of the deal and you won't get anything. Sounds like a bad deal to me.
The goal is to encourage you to get your friends to play.

From a business standpoint, it's MUCH cheaper to get your existing customers to bring in new subscribers than it is to "spray & pray" with advertising and other promotions.

So as a reward for generating new business for them, they give you a speeder.
Think of it as a sales commission.
Sure, you could just walk into a car dealership and buy a car but if I'm the one that gets you to buy that car, the dealership will give me money.
Pretty much the same thing here.