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I do not
I never rerolled a character but I do have one of each and I actually pvp on my 4th character. I didnt do it for buffs because at the time there wasnt that legacy.
In a wz I do not recall being dead alone ever and people are very good about rebuffing after they are dead.

And I could be wrong here but if one person in the wz has all the legacy everyone gets all when they buff as well (not positive on that)
So in an instance where no one of the other team has the legacy and they are missing a gs/sniper type would the other team have the advantage as well?
In the grand scheme of things I wouldnt say it a huge deal
No legacy is only per account. If you didn't grind out the excess characters you don't get to buff yourself with everything.

And you're right! If no one on your team has ever had an operative that completed chapter 2 of their storyline, no one is getting the 5% crit! (a persistent 5% crit is HUGE compared to the adrenals that didn't grant even half that much, but they still nerfed em to hell and put biochems out of their job.

The better way would be to just remove the requirement of 400 biochem on those adrenals instead of just removing them altogether from wz's.