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Wait, are you doing warzones by yourself ? i mean 1 vs 8 people? you do not have team mates?

You do realize that the buffs are casted on the whole team (as long as they are in range and los), and are not individual, right?
After your first death in a warzone, you respawn with NO class buffs. The only way to acquire them is to run into range of someone that has the ones you're missing. Now for someone who grinds out 1 of each class and plays them through the end can cast ALL the class buffs on themselves after they respawn.

Let's say in Alderaan Civil War, there is 1 guy defending a turret. I attack him sit at about half health, cap the turret. He is in the meantime taking the long speeder ride back. Then he kills me and retakes the turret for his team. But after I respawn and take the speeder down to face him again. If he grinded all of the classes he now has 3 or more class buffs to my one, and thus is at a distinct advantage perhaps enabling him to fight me off at half health.