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I had never seen anything that I thought was guaranteed cheating until yesterday. We were playing a Voidstar match and the opposing team was able to plant the bomb on the second set of doors before either of the bridges had dropped.
Easy to accomplish if you're any class/spec that has a leap-to-target ability, though this is easiest for jugs/guardians to do - defending team member respawns in room 2, walks forward out the respawn room, sits on the center ledge (by the speed buff); attacking team's juggernaut charges to said defender, runs around him, pushes him into the void, then goes and caps the door while that defender is still locked out.

Note - if a defending team has a sorc/sage on the other side, they can extracate one of these players to the other side of the bridge to help defend the bridge access panels again (and defending warriors/knights can charge onto enemies -allies, even, if jugg/guardian- that might venture too close as well) - works both ways. Not an exploit, just happened to be that the best player for the attacking team happened to be one of your defending team's teammates.

Furthermore, they added an obstruction there in 1.2 since it used to be possible for inquisitor/consular classes to force-speed + jump across with ease. Now, only charge/pull methods can accomplish this feat.
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