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I really enjoy SWTOR. I like the game as a whole. However, I'm finding the whole professions system both boring and cumbersome, and on most toons I either end up chosing Biochem or gathering. So, as a result, I've been thinking about ways to improve the crafting system. And that got me thinking about games with crafting systems I do like. Which led me to WoW.

For the sake of argument, lets pretend people don't have these giant passionate feelings about WoW (either for or against) and just look at the professions and what makes them good and bad. I'm not trying to make SWTOR a WoW clone, but honestly, the professions in WoW stand out as the one thing Iike constantly whilst playing a game that was steadily going down hill (in my eyes, atleast).

One shining thing in WoW professions is that each profession, both gathering and crafting, has it's own perk, that you can only obtained if you have that profession. A quick list:

Leatherworkers: Fur lining (bracer stat boost)
Engineering: Tinkers (stat boost or proc for cloak and hands) & Cogwheels (special gems)
Tailors: Spellthread (pants stat boost)
Helbalism: Lifeblood (spell to temp. increase haste and restore health)
Skinning: Master of Anatomy (permanent +crit chance)

If you want to look further, there's a full list here LINK. If you don't want to, just take it from me that every profession has it's own bonus.

Now, mind you, these were only usually available at each level cap in the game (70, 80, 85), and it took WoW years to actually have all of those, but I think SWTOR could take on those ideas and expand them. SW has the great base for their crew skills, I just think they need to step it up a bit.

Also, keep in mind, that I'm mostly talking about keeping in interesting whilst leveling, not endgame stuff. I'm am also ignoring any and all money-making potential in a crew skill.

I can only think of two professions that have anything unique before endgame, and that's Biochem (reusable schtuffs) and Cybertech (sub-par grenades). Correct me if I'm wrong.

So here's my ideas:

-Give each crew skill something that only they have.

I'm thinking of unique BOP items that would be specific for each skill. They would have stats slightly better than the purples of their level ranges.
Biochem: unique-equip implant (meaning you could only wear one), eventhough I'm thinking that the reusable stuff is enough of a skill-bonus.
Artifice: maybe a color crystal or hilt. Or a shield/focus
Cybertech: an earpiece, duh. Or maybe a relic that does something interesting. (Engineering was my favorite profession in WoW....)
The only ideas I have for Synthweaving and Armormech sound way overpowered. Like the ability to put in an extra enhancement slot into a belt. What are your thoughts on those?

-Make them not impossible to get.

Why? Because it defeats the purpose. It's already enough of a pain in the a** to reverse engineering everything else (although it's better now that they've added augment kit parts to REing). It should be a schematic that you pick up from the trainer. Think of it more of a reward for leveling crew skills. Make the materials difficult, if need be. Make them require twice as many purple mats as the average purple of that level.

-Make it useful to all levels by upgrading the perk for each level range

Simple enough to understand: Meaning, a new Biochem implant every 7-10 levels. Same for new Artifice crystals or barrels for Armsmechers, so on and so forth.

That's really all I have to say. Just putting my thoughts out there.

Give me some feedback. Tell me where I'm way off or where you agree. What professions or crafting systems do you like in other MMOs? I want to keep this on-topic to SWTOR, but I'd also like to know your thoughts. You'll also notice a distinct lack in perks for gathering/mission skills in my examples. That's because I have no idea how I would go about them. Thoughts?

(also, this is really really not intended to start a discussion about WoW, so please refrain)