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a lot of those characters dc ripped pff of marvel, and marvel is clearly better. if they had a marvel vs dc thing, marvel would win hands down. And don't go tryin to say "but superman can only be killed with krytonite!!!" cuz marvle has people that could go to krypton, get some kryptonite, and be back to kill superman before dinner. Besides, stark probably can just make some suit that gives off the same amount and type of raidation, so marvel wins, hands down
Deadpool is a blatant ripoff of Deathstroke. Deadpool = Wade Wilson. Deathstroke = Slade Wilson. Both military experiments. Both have accelerated healing. Deadpool = Wife deceased. Deathstroke = Wife deceased. Differences: Wade still has both eyes. Slade refuses to regrow his lost right eye. Wade has cancer. Slade doesn't. Wade has a sense of humor. Slade doesn't. Slade has kids. Wade doesn't.

Those differences were just to avoid Nicieza and Liefeld being sued by DC for copyright infringement.

I used the foremost mercenaries in each universe as an example. If you look at the creation dates for the characters that greatly resemble each other, you'll find that most of them are DC originally. Aquaman is one of very few exceptions, since Namor was created first.

First > Second
Flash > Quicksilver (speedsters)
Batman > Moon Knight (yes, both are called "The World's Greatest Detective")
Deathstroke > Deadpool (mercenaries/assassins)
DC Scarecrow > Marvel Scarecrow (fear villains)
Dr. Fate > Dr. Strange (sorcerers)
Darkseid > Thanos (gods)

I could continue the list, but I don't feel like putting a huge wall of text up. You get the idea, though.
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