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I agree some legacy perks are a little overpriced, but that gives you something to work for right? I mean if you got all the legacy perks in a week, then it wouldn't exactly be that impressive to have. Here is what I suggest. Either have the prices lower as you progress in legacy like the OP said, or lower the prices/get rid of them, but raise the required legacy lvl of most stuff.
As of now, legacy lvl 25 is the highest you have to be to get everything if I remember correctly. Why not have stuff that requires legacy lvl 30? Or 40? Or even 50? Sure you can make it so people can buy it, but at certain legacy lvls, they should also unlock, making it so those who want to get it faster have to pay, but those who want to wait and grind up to them can also do that and not have to pay at all.
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