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For the Shielded Trandoshians, the healers also throw in the aoe lightning as well during the shield bosses as well, cause they can do 800 a tick of damage as well so having the healers with revivification ANd the lightning helps with downing those mobs quicker once the warrior is down.

For the Explosive robots healers can handle this so long as they can kite and rotate their CC's correctly. I use the PvP Set bonus to recover my shields faster because the full PVE set bonus is useless (extra 50 force points is rubbish). SO i can run in charge and soak up the damage. Its 10k which I can easily heal through with revificiation, resurgence and innervate. Also I use defensive rakata stims so i get an extra 1k hp Which helps, WIllpower stim isnt essential here.