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Great video of Kephess and love the Linkin Park which was perfect for the fight!

Thanks for the explanation. On the trandoshan shield phase I saw you left one alive for awhile, were you fooling around or waiting for a cooldown to come back up?

Guess I'm putting cyclone slash back on my bar I always talk about how useless it is given the rage cost, but I guess in this situation it's a necessity. Normally our melee (in story) take out the trandoshan warrior asap and then let the ranged aoe the rest of the mob, with us killing the stragglers.

We just had our breakthrough on Vorgath a few times in a row but only put a few attempts in on Kephess. Looking forward to getting this in the next few weeks.
At least as a vengeance jugg because of the rage refund from shien form my dps skyrockets when there are a group of mobs because I saber throw charge and then smash which fills my rage bar almost all the way up then I throw in sundering assault and enrage when necessary and I can just spam aoes over and over again. Sweeping slash on it's own is a weak expensive attack but with shien form and using multiple slashes on a group of enemies it really adds up quick.