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The minefield robots we have one of our healers take care of it. he cc one and has the other go towards him. then i beleive he shields up and runs into the first ala soa lightning balls ( I believe though not sure since I'm up top everytime, I just know he is the one handling them.

As for Kephess I think your talking about the post 60% part after the pull in+purple circle. After we get out of the purple circle we have the dps jump in and start dps while tank positions Kephess (one reason we hit enrage in vid was because the dps didn't get in there right away). They can't go full dps during the transition since he is moving into position, but any dps is needed. Most important part is making sure when the tanks swap that Kephess doesn't move and also the dps have to understand that Kephess may turn a bit towards the side the tank is coming from to relieve the current Kephess tank. This is why we tank against the wall so the knockback doesn't mess things up. One other thing on this for any PT tanks out there, our final hurdle for beating HM Kephess was the fact I kept insta-dying from the No Escape move that kept targeting me. Just make sure while placing the purple circles down that you don't do any dps at all (even rapid shots), as this will make him jump over and **** you.
Think he meant the part where we have to clear the shield mobs because cyclone slash is knight version of sweeping slash. I don't know about the maraduers but I always smash and then just spam sweeping slash over and over until they're dead. In Shien form I can get out a lot of sweeping slashes with a full rage bar.