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07.09.2012 , 03:27 PM | #7
so far I have been a healer on this twice, didnt die the first time, no credit at all, for me and many others. Submit a ticket, got back, sorry Im a droid and since my programs does not recognize those letters in the words you used, there in nothing we can do...if this keeps happening, submit a ticket. ok so i exaggerated the droid part, but the rest was really their response, sorry nothing we can do, if it happens again submit a ticket...
Tried it again, no credit, althought i did die, I was back and healing before the boss credit, and now I know to not even bother asking why or if they can help....I give up on most things in this game and so far between the running from here to there...I find myself wandering off finding something else to do while I let my toon just disconnect. There is just too much space to run in between things, so much that my attention gets lost every time I try to play....and it doesnt help that when I ask for help all I get is a service droid that says open another ticket or sorry I dont know what you are saying and have no desire to try.