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Ardyth Part 1.

Ardyth stood in the Drummond Kaas rain, she was in a large imperial graveyard, she stood before a grave with a familiar name, Quinn. Oriah Quinn, beloved wife and mother. Malavai had named their youngest after her, but she wasn’t looking at the tombstone she was looking at the spaces beside it. Her rage was quite, it boiled just below the surface. Had he betrayed her a second time?

Lord Jaesa Wilsaam, lifted the whip, her favorite cat o’ nine tails, flicked it down, viciously. The slave cried out.

“Tell me again, in great detail, what did you see?” Her voice was calm, almost sweet, but it held venom. She normally ignored the inane chatter of her slaves, but this particular conversation had peaked her ears.

“I….It was years ago mmy…my Lord. A woman, cyborg I think, with a sith baby.” The terrified Twilek replied, pulling at his restraints, which only got tighter the more he pulled at them.

Jeasa flicked again, drinking in his fear, and pain, “How many years?” She asked patiently.

“fff…five….standard years…It was on Nar Shaddaa, there was, ssssss..some kind of rebellion.”

Ardyth was soaked, but the constant rain, cleansed her renewed her, her light saber lit, she dug into the ground, searching.

Lieutenant Pierce sat down in front of the holo, intent on watching the hutt ball match, he had just opened a new beer, comfortable in his small apartment, sitting still didn’t suit him, but the Wrath had refused to allow him back to active duty, preferring him close. Pierce had harbored feeling for her, had acted on them only once, but he had promised, promised to be hers, whenever she needed him, he was a man of his word. So he would hit the cantina, watch Hutt ball, clean his guns, work out, all the while trying to keep thoughts of her out of his mind. She had a family with him, the traitor, two children, a boy and a girl. Pierce stood up, finished his beer in only a few droughts, his jealousy raged within him, he decided he might go back to the cantina, take that little tart up on her offer, get his mind off of things. He grabbed his jacket and opened the door. She stood there, soaked to the core, muddy, she looked as if she had been in a battlefield, he should have been there. That thought was always on his mind of late.

“My Lord?” Her yellow eyes met his, that look. He had seen it only once before, but back then, there was sadness behind her rage, there was no sadness tonight. She stepped inside his apartment, without being invited, Pierce hung up his jacket.

“Am I a fool Pierce?” Her voice was low, even, but it still made his hairs stand on end.

“Of course not my Lord.” Except for when you married him.

“I know of at least two people who think that I am.” Her eyes flashed, red, she was angry. “But I can’t be sure, I need your help, I need you to help me uncover the truth. Evidence is circumstantial at best.”

“I am yours my Lord, Always.” He dared, he might end up with a broken arm, but he dared lifting his arm up, and brushed away a stray hair that was plastered to her forehead. She closed her eyes, savoring the touch. “Might I suggest some dry clothes first?”

Her eyes met his, fire in her blood, “You may.”

He swallowed hard, as she peeled the wet clothes off her body, it was different then how he remembered, having gone through pregnancy and mother hood, but it was still supple, strong, curved, only a little softer, a little fuller. He led her to the shower, and made the water hot, took her hand, and guided her under the spray. He joined her, and like a man praying, washed her, letting his hands and lips roam, feeling her cold skin warm up. Years ago, it had been fast, quiet, urgent, passionate, he vowed to take his time tonight, savor every kiss, every moan that escaped her lips. She was his tonight, and he was hers always.

Some hours later, in the twilight and stillness of the night, the couple made their way to another apartment complex, Pierce picked the lock, and they went to the bedroom. They were entwined, the Chiss and her Joiner lover, alien and freak. She force pushed the bed, they fell out bewildered, Pierce aimed his rifle at the man who fell out of bed, Ardyth walked over to the women, who was confused, once her eyes adjusted, paled.

"My Lord Ardyth?" She sputtered, sleep still in her voice.

“Shiloh, my dear friend, we need to talk.”