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We were discussing this in our guild the other day. Some of us are new to MMOs(like me) and others are veterans. Honestly, our consensus was that story mode is fine. It is easy to clear and everyone should have good chance to see the content. Hard mode is a little under-tuned. We expected to spend weeks doing each OP in HM but it is only taking a couple of tries. Sadly, we are only getting the chance to do them now because our old server was dead.

We have not done nightmare mode yet. From what I read, it seems that the difficulty is still insufficient and the rewards are mediocre.

1. Story Mode = Easy = Content available to all(after a few tries)
2. Hard Mode = Normal = takes a 2-3 weeks for casual guild to clear. Allows all guilds to run through gear progression.
3. Nightmare Mode = Hard! = takes 1-2 months(casuals) and gives out unique but not OP (impossible to match) rewards.

Honestly, SWTOR is the MMO for the casual but dedicated SW fan. We don't need it to be turned into a epic grind and for it to be impossibly difficult.