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1. There is a huge freaking map that takes up entire right hand corner of your screen
2. It is blatantly obvious what the score is (you know how far the other team got, and that's exactly how far you need to beat in order to win)
3. The map already indicates half of the score (YOUR score) through the green/red/grey door indicators.
Voidstar is way more equivilant to a race than a scored sport, time wins not points. They say the fastest one wins not the ones with the most points. What is another thing that the person who finishes a certain set of objectives based on time and speed .... oh yea .. a RACE.

1. There is plenty of room to put a score if it was a score, they put one in huttball, they display the "life" left in all the other WZ why would this one be so different?
2. There is no score you just want it to be a score so you can feel 0-0 is a tie and not two teams failing completely. This is a matter of achieving objectives in a certain amount of time .. it is a race if anything. An equivilant would be a NASCAR race where not one single car made it to the finish line. They don't say we all tied 0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0 lets split the money or pretend none of us lost.
3. The map indicates how many objectives you achieved, like in a race how many which lap you are on