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I don't think that most of you understand the intent of the legacy system.

It isn't intended to be there so that we can all unlock the new legacy perks on day one when the next set of perks is introduced.

It is intended to keep you busy between warzones and operations, because the only thing they can think of to keep us engaged is to herd us onto Ilum, Belsavis, and Corellia. There is really no option of activities to take part in if you actually want to advance your legacy and continue to improve your character.

I don't care about the legacy perks myself, so I just grind the dailies to buy augments for my gear, which I am prevented from attaining because I cannot both PvP (for gear) and make money (daily quests) at the same time. It's a nice little catch 22, their economy amounts to just another gating mechanic, and it's basically the only thing this game has going for it. As long as they keep pushing out legacy perks, we always technically have more "content" to grind, and since we're always complaining about this game's lack of content, Legacy is a cheap, quick, and easy way for them to feel like they are giving us "new" content regularly.
indeed. they often called 1.3 "content-light" but in fact it's "contentless". allowing me to grind out credits through the same dailies so i can afford to buy a repair droid is not content, it's retention. i always just assumed the economy was broken, but i never considered that it was intended all along to act as a gate to the actual content.