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"Despite the best efforts of contamination troops to contain the Rakghoul outbreak on Tatooine, the virus has managed to slip off world, and a number of cases have popped up all around the galaxy. The largest and most serious outbreak of the virus is on Arkhaon, an agricultural world controlled by the Hutts. This is the first outbreak of the virus that has effect Hutt territory, and the virus begins to quickly spread through the major cities and the out lying areas.

The Hutts, who do not have the forces to spare to cleanse the outbreak, call on the assistance of both the Republic and Sith Empire to help contain the virus. But with the virus quickly spreading out of controlled, all three factions may be forced to make a difficult decision...


The Event
This idea will continue the Rakghoul Pandemic storyline which begin with Kaon Under Siege/Lost Island and the first event back in March (or April). The event will add a new planet to the game called Arkhaon, a planet in Hutt Space which is currently affected by a huge rakghoul plague. There will be a series of story line quests as well as dailies you can complete.

The event will be split into three stages, each stage will open up a new area which will continue the events storyline quest and add more daily quests. The event will also add a new flashpoint, The Mynocks Nest, a world boss encounter, the Infected Rancor, and a new warzone.

Here is a crudely drawn map of the planet, and where the stages are split into separate areas


The event is split into three stages. During each stage, a number of dailies will be available, including at least one heroic

Stage One

- Stage One lasts for a week before unlocking the Stage 2 quest line and the dailies

Stage Two

- Stage Two lasts for a week before unlocking the Stage 3 quest line and the dailies

Stage Three

- Stage Three lasts for three weeks.

Players will not be forced to start the event in the first weeks; they can choose to start the event storyline any time during the events 6 week time frame, though it must be completed before the event finishes.

The Final Stage

The final stage lasts a week. It doesn't add a new area or extra quests, all it does is finish the planets storyline, and allows you to make a decision which could determine the fate of the planet.


This is an opportunity for players to make history in the Star Wars Universe. Bioware should tally the decisions made by the players during the final stage, and which ever decision gets the majority, then that decision becomes canon.


Flashpoint - The Mynocks Nest

The Mynocks Nest is a new flashpoint added with the event. Players can receive the mission from either there respective fleets or from the bases on Arkhaon. Both a story mode and hard mode are available, and there are three bosses and a bonus.



World Boss - Infected Rancor

The event will add a new world boss, the Infected Rancor, which has escaped from his masters palace and is running through the streets of the city. The boss will spawn somewhere in the middle of the city (in the stage three area), and will be on an 30 minute cooldown. The boss will have mechanics which will make the fight difficult but it wont be as hard compared to other world bosses, giving players a chance to kill him before the event runs out.

New Warzone



The Event Rewards

Completing the quests and dailies give you Arkhaon commendations, which can be used to purchase different kinds of rewards. Kill the bosses in the flashpoint will also give you some commendations.

Codex Unlocks

Event Rewards
Eathos - Commando | Norzrik - Guardian
Kezron - Scoundrel | Ashinelle - Shadow