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07.09.2012 , 12:05 PM | #12
It seems the developers carried over from WAR are bringing their pointless, and indeed contradictory, cash sinks with them. I'm sure that the players realize that cash sinks are a necessary evil, but there comes a time when having cash sinks for the sake of it actively interferes with the intent of the systems implemented.

For WAR, it was the keep system - if you wanted to claim a keep, your guild coffers better be bulging with months worth of farming if you wanted to keep it for more than an hour or two. For whatever reason, instead of rewarding your guild for claiming a keep, they actively punished - even prevented - for laying the claim. They decided since that one uber-guild on that one server with the people that do nothing but play and farm had too much gold, they had to institute a cash sink that would deflate their coffers.

You cannot design cash sinks successfully around the top 0.1%.

For SW:TOR, it's the legacy system. It's supposed to be a way to reward a player with a few conveniences if they are actively playing the game. Unfortunately, there is no reward to be found. In fact, by the time you farm enough credits to unlock these features over the course of regular play, you've probably doubled the requisite legacy level for said reward. Having these double-requirements is absolutely pointless, and borderline insulting to the players that wish to make use of these unlocks. "I see you've finally achieved legacy level 15! Congratulations! Instead of rewarding you outright, we ask that you fork over a few million credits before you enjoy this minor perk!"

If the legacy system did not exist and they were asking that much for these perks, fine. That's fair. But claiming that the legacy system rewards you for playing the game simply isn't true.