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07.09.2012 , 11:31 AM | #1
Seriously, I know - I have no life. I play the game, I enjoy the game. I remember when legacies were first announced it was said "Oh hey! You'll be able to unlock them with either credits or legacy experience!" That's fine, and there's a whole what... maybe 3 or so legacy perks that are essentially useless that fall under that category?

1.3 comes along, and again, more legacy fluff comes along, and again I'd have to shell out a bazillion credits if I want to tinker with the legacy perks. Except this time, it's even worse because they're per character.

I know credits aren't terribly hard to come by in the game, but come on! The legacy perks cap out at level 25. I'm sure more will be added later. I'm LL30 and the XP just keeps on piling up as I keep throwing my cash at Bioware - and yet you guys keep putting credit sink barriers with ridiculous numbers up? Really?

At least start giving legacy unlocks after LL25 to give a discount on legacy perk prices for us losers with no life that support your game!