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I don't even see a problem here. Completely min-max'ing your character without stepping into EC would take months to do. If someone wants to takes months to achieve something they could in les than a month is fine by me.
I wish more people would!
I've been doing FP's for fun, not for gear, and I am consistently the best geared by a wide margin. I've seen people with Valor 54 in full recruit. Really, why would you not buy battle master?
I hate pvp and i have 3 pieces of bm gear. That guy was dps, so it wasn't such an issue healing him through story mode Illum but you see my point. Hard Mode would have been a wipe for sure. But the tank did a good job of getting and holding agro, and taking out trash along the way. And those two things are key to a good run. The trash mobs you bypass cause as many wipes as the bosses do.
That's something that must be taught. Gear does very little to offset the damage when the tank stealths past a pack of elites and one dps takes agro.
Better gear makes a successful run considerably more likely. And it's easier to teach if you aren't rezing back at the starting point 8 times.