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07.09.2012 , 05:48 AM | #1
Just finished up making these vids ( first time so be kind lol), and just wanted to show that melee is perfectly viable for EC even though most say ranged is a must. Yes I know ranged makes things easier and we did make a few mistakes which could be fixed. 1-shot everything except Toth and Zorn, which took 3 tries.

Toth & Zorn
Tank healer lagged a bit tank died.
At end needed to keep 1 dps on Zorn and 3 on Toth for final push to make sure they died closer together.

Firebrand & Stormcaller
Not sure why one of the dps died and the other died from a dur moment and ran in front of stormcaller towards the end.

Colonel Vorgath
Pretty standard fight, I just started recording late.

Warlord Kephess
Well not much to say here either other than me not accepting the revive there at the end. Was busy staring at the health bar and praying lol.

That's it and hope everyone enjoyed them.

PS- Has this been done by others? Haven't seen anything anywhere but I'm sure someone has.