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07.08.2012 , 11:16 PM | #466
I took a stroll over to Lawrichai's fan art thread and she inspired me. I get inspired in the weirdest ways. But, this is for Crezelle. This takes place after the Allies and Confessions stories but is not the Prelude to the Plan. The Plan is still being written and will be shared when the prompt is correct. But I did work a rak-ghoul Dr Lokin into it, just for Crezelle.

Anyway, Communications Breakdown starring Brei'yu Kodrevas, Vector, and a cameo from Adris Westan. I do want to say that there's some language in here that I've worked around the filters, and a mild sexual innuendo. Also, 1800 words, but they're good words.

Don't Call Me Agent

Be to her Virtues
very Kind.
Be to her Faults
a little Blind.