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You know...except when Bane sneaks in to the Batcave and LITERALLY BREAKS HIS BACK ON A TWO PAGE SPREAD! That put him out of the game for a while and left him a paraplegic for a tick.

That only worked because Bane had released all of the inmates at Arkham and Batman was exhausted by fighting them. Also that didn't happen in the Batcave. Also it didn't stick for long, Batman was back in action after he got his back magically healed within 6 months (Of course Bruce apparently knew about a magical healer who could fix severed spines but never thought to mention it to poor Babs... The jerk.) and defeated Bane in a one on one conflict.

Superman on the other hand was killed by Doomsday and was dead for a full 18 months. (Which is a darn long time.)

Bad writing exists everywhere. Comic books nor novels are exceptions. Star Wars actually has only a small number of bad writers.

Karen Traviss and to a lesser extend Aaron Allston.
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