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Only got my smuggler to 50, but this is what I see:

Smuggler herself: Gets knocked up before fighting the Voidwolf, does it anyway. Takes over the fleet and runs her own semi-legit, semi-criminal empire. Fights with her mom a lot. Eventually goes corporate, starts a shipping business and gets super rich.

Corso: Tries to stop his wife from doing dangerous stuff. Fails.

Risha: Also goes corporate. Becomes a high-powered businesswoman and socialite. Becomes famous, like Oprah-famous. Everyone loves her and she can make anything popular.

Akaavi: Hangs out with smuggler and teaches her kids about Mandalorian stuff. Gets a boyfriend probably.

Guss: Joins the shipping company and makes a lot of money. Becomes a galactic playboy who is in all the tabloids, like John Gosselin.

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