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Best solution I have found for this. Die somewhere that you can be revived at. That way you dont have to reload gfx upon entering combat. Aside from that. If your on the ground and you have this issue. Dont just stand there. As soon as firebrands initial mortar attack ends theres going to be a pylon dropped on someone whos standing on the ground.

and as stated this is apparently a hardware issue. It happens to me 100% of the time when I reload the instance. and it happens to a few other people in my guild as well.

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Can you not listen: The VISUAL is not showing i understand you can look for the yellow beam and then start moving, but sometimes the beam itself Does not appear. And its raid wide, i take stormcaller..and i face my camera at the Pillar person, and see nothing
Watch for the debuff. this comes about 4-5 seconds after the first ground pylon drops.