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After killing Darth Baras My warrior becomes intangled with the dark council, seeing to many sith lords as unable to adapt he realises that some of Malgus ideas were right and begins to train and use a small team of agents which he names The Hands of Wrath, together they elimnate moffs to raceist to acept aliens and manipulate the Dark council to stop their power plays and focus on their true enemy the republic.

Vette: now married, vette and my warrior have a child who strong in the dark side is raised as a sith, she becomes a powerful assasin and eventually joins her farther as a hand of wrath. Vette decides to stay with the wrath despite him being evil, she is made an officer and placed in charge of his crew, together they change the empire one step at a time.

Quinn: After his betryal my warrior decides to punish him severly, he uses the force to drain 90% of his life and forces him to undergo surgery which leaves him a scarred and fratcured man who much like the wrath requires a breather. with the implants and his life being controlled with the dark side by the wrath Quinn becomes a obeidant servent, unable or unwilling to break from his masters leash.

Pierce: promoted and given a new squad, he is secrately placed under the wraths command and his team go out fufilling his neads and the will of the emperor.

Jessa: Wrath continues to train her and despite her skill, her unwillingness to strike at her master makes the wrath beleives she is weak, they fight he looses her hand, wrath replaces it with a cybernetic hand and grants her the title of lord. She learns from this experance that one day she must face and kill her master to become a true sith.

Boomark: killed by the wrath for failing to turn more Talz to the Empire.

after killing the emperor he goes out on many missions for the jedi council,despite his love for Kira they decide to end it after he is called back to train her own padawan, the knight becomes more focued on defeteing the sith however he is haunted by visions of the emperor, this causes him to become distant and cold satiele is worried but he tells her that everything is fine. never the less he feels that the game with the emperor is only just begining.

Kira: goes off to typhon to train her own apprentance, she sometimes comes to help her old master but they both begin to feel that they cannot continue their marrige and end it. as time passes Kiras old master kiwiks dies, grief stricken by the loss of an old friend she trows herself onto the front line rallying many republic troopers untill she is injured by a sith. Kira feels empty and beleives that the only time she was truely at peace was by the knights side so she rejoins him as friends and continues to fight along side together.

Doc: Both the knight and him become very close with the knight seeing him as the brother he never knew (my knight has a brother but hasnt seen him since he was little. Together they go side by side enjoying the many adventures and becoming famous warriors much to docs pleasure.

T7: never leaves his masters side.

Scourge: after the knight tells him about the visions he beleives that the emperor isnt dead and decides to go and see if he can find out the truth, hasnt been seen since.

Rusk: promoted and continues to serve in the military.