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My LS Sorcerer: Tries to make the Empire better, but after seeing that it's a lost cause, uses his resources that came with his position to get powerful Sith and Jedi artifacts to gain immortality and immense power). Has two kids with Ashara (JK and BH). He tells Ashara to take the force-sensitive to Tython and tells Andronikos to raise his other son (not force-sensitive). An enemy of the Sorcerer learns of his plans, and sends an agent to kill him. The Sorcerer defeats the agent and, instead of killing him, persuades him to kill his enemy. The Sorcerer trains Xalek as his apprentice. He continues to gather artifacts and increase his own power, until he decides he needs to help the Empire not be so...evil. He sets off to enact his plan, saying goodbye to his friends.

Khem: Continues to guard his master (the Sorcerer) and dish out the pain when necessary. The Sorcerer eventually helps Khem with his...ghost problem. Khem eventually gets over Tulak Hord and focuses entirely on his new master, crushing all who oppose him. Many, many years later, his master passed away (despite him having extended his life with the artifacts). Khem personally buried his master in a tomb and guarded it for years to come.

Andronikos: Raises his friend's son to become a very powerful Bounty Hunter who would go on to win the Great Hunt. Andronikos eventually retires and spends most of his time relaxing at his beach home on Naboo.

Ashara: Takes her son to the Jedi Order. While there, the Jedi Order offers to take her back in, despite what she has done. She refuses...for now. She goes back to her husband and helps him. Eventually, he leaves and tells her to go back to the Jedi. Ashara goes back to the Jedi, and teaches her son (though his son doesn't know Ashara is his mom). She eventually passes and is buried with her husband.

Talos: Helps the Sorcerer gather artifacts. After he leaves, Talos works with the Agent who tried to kill his friend.

Xalek: Learns from the Sorcerer, but eventually challenges him (Xalek thought he was ready to defeat his master). Xalek was strong, but was defeated. Xalek, devastated, goes to Yavin 4 and trains in the forests, alone, for quite some time. He eventually returns, only to learn his master has left. Xalek searches for many years for his master. Decades later, Xalek finds his master, who is now old. The two duel once more, and Xalek wins. Xalek, however, spares his master out of respect. Soon after, the Sorcerer passes, proud of his apprentice's mercy.