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I'd join up on the side of the Republic if a spot is available, if not I can mod my character to be a Sith easily.

This is my first RP in awhile, school was getting to be a little much to handle so I had to stop posting. (Damn calculus)

I'll like to keep my profile pretty loose so I can mod it to fit whatever story.

Name: Saul Perth
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Profession: Jedi Knight
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 175 pounds
Age: 21
Hair: Dark brown, long and mostly unkept, just long enough to begin to reach his eyes, but he usually sweeps it back with his hand.
Armor: Full armor suit made of light-weight composites and coated with a grey-scale digital camouflage pattern, worn without a helmet.
Weapons: Blue bladed lightsaber, blaster pistol and det packs. Also a small yellow bladed shoto saber, never used if he can avoid it.

Bio coming soon, but I'm afraid I ran out of time and have to leave for work. The short-short-short version is he Survived the sacking of Coruscant due to the sacrifice of his master, and was in love with a fellow Padawan named Kayah. She however was killed in the sacking, and her lightsaber is the yellow shoto he always carries. He has since been Knighted and fosters a burning hatred of the Sith in his heart. Taking any assignment he can that would allow him to enact his vengeance on the Sith Empire. Obviously he's on a dark path.

Got to go now, I'll expand that into something readable when I get back, or has the bottom dropped out of this one?
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