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Quote: Originally Posted by Kihra View Post
Tanks in this game don't get hit very hard
Hu ? Did you tank HM Kephess ? I'm a full black hole/campaign geared shadow tank and he ***** me on a regular basis. The fact is, I don't think you really have to choose between endurance and defensive stats. Mods with high secondary stats usually gives high endu/willpo imho.

Anyway, I think we're drifting from the original topic here, and i'd just like to add that I don't think a shadow tank is less suited for Stormcaller : with high elemental resistance and a handy deflexion cd to cope with mortar volley I don't have any real tanking issue on this fight.

Also, we don't swap tanks anymore. We put a taunting dps (vanguard, shadow or guardian) on Calcinis' nose, he grabs aggro during Stormcaller's first Double Destruction per cycle, the tank gets the aggro back when Calcinis casts his big attack, and we're fine