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if you think jedi/sith are over the top super freaks, then you really just aren't getting it. some choice words i hope help with this,


so jedi/sith can do things that are over the top. that is kinda the point. if i want real i'll go read something else. star wars does exactly what its sposed to do. if you don't like it your reading the wrong kinda a thing.
I don't think you get my meaning.. We all know it's sci-fi.. but you watch the movies, then read the books. After that if you think they are both on the same level then you are crazy,the EU is a tad over the top. Maybe thats why GL doesnt think about the EU,maybe because he doesnt think they really "get it". In Ep. 3 when Yoda faces Sidious and Sidious says "Now you will experience the full power of the dark side".. what did he do next? open some vortex to happy town?? no.. he shot Yoda with lightning. GL gave them an inch so they can write these stories,and they took a mile. It's really just that simple,and to be honest, anyone who thinks otherwise is just fooling themselves.

Do I like any of the EU? Yes I do. I like Sadow,Kun,Bane,Quinlen Voss and some others, but that doesnt mean they sometimes don't do things that are just wrong and have no place. Star Wars is sci-fi, but I feel some guid lines had been set and the EU writers just ignor them.