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I've seen a lot of boss fight videos, and yours are some of the best.

Really nice work chaps!
Thanks very much for the compliment. We put a lot of time in them so the positive comments are always appreciated

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We are stuck on this fight and it is utterly impossible when the lightning balls go invisible. Does anyone know a good workaround?
We've only seen this issue a couple of times and it seemed to resolve itself. Unfortunately, I can't suggest any 100% reliable workaround. I would go with what Fossman said as they seem to have tried and tested it a little bit. I know it only affected certain people on our team (as if it was hardware related), so i'll ask tonight if any of the guys have any tips. We have noticed though that since the server merges and the increased numbers in Denova that the lag in fights is making the encounter a lot harder. We are sometimes seeing that damage is applied to raid members before the actual lightning graphic is generated, which has become a real pain in the ***. I'll try to get some more info for you!

Quote: Originally Posted by Fossman View Post
This seems to happen after a fresh load. For example after youve just wiped and come back into the instance. Upon going into combat ground effects tend to take 5-10 seconds to load. Now the way my guild does this fight is completely different usually we have 1 merc (me) on the ground at all times acting as a lightning rod. Doing it this way also makes things a bit easier on healers since mercs can just cleanse themselves. If your going to be doing it as shown in the video just make sure everyone is aware that roughly 2-3 seconds after firebrand finishes his first induction a pylon is going to be dropped on someone standing on the ground. As of right now the only way to be able to see the initial pylon is to die near towards the door so that someone can revive you.
I think your pretty accurate with what's been said here. The only reliable way to do this fight is to know when certain affects apply and be proactive rather than reactive as unfortunately we can't trust the graphical mechanics in Denova at the moment.

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