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Sure, Batman has no "super powers". However, his abilities allow him to hang with the Big Guns. He plans for every contingency. Does he have mental issues? That's a matter of debate. Does he like to dress a kid up in a bright costume and use him as a distraction device? Most definitely. Robin is expendable.

Batman is the epitome of "learn from mistakes", "prepare for everything", and "do what needs to be done". You have to remember, he's an amalgam of Sherlock Holmes and Zorro, for the most part. He has the physical prowess of Zorro with Holmes' ability to figure everything out at a glance. So while he doesn't have "super powers", he adapts quickly to any given situation.

Is it fair to compare the Jedi to comic book characters? Well, The Green Lantern Corps comes the closest (galactic police force), with a dash of X-Men thrown in since the whole Midi-chlorian debacle.

I think even George thought that was going too far. "Midi-chlorians" sounds like something a plant would produce, or some kind of new laundry bleach. I mean, seriously... WHO COMES UP WITH STUFF LIKE... ohwait...
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