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Which one is easier to get and how? I don't care about the stats, just think the looks of those robes is cool. Or is there any other robe with the same model and easier to get?
the droid in teral v can drop a columi equal statwise robe but has no set bonus. the healer one looks almost if not the same as the columi one. the tank one isnt as white but looks ok too. drops are not common but not ultra rare either as the mob can drop other columi non set pieces too. ( most people skip him which is really too bad for the new 50s in the group)

false emperor final boss drops the columi chest piece.

wont take too long to buy the tionese robe if you do the weekly and some dailies. you can just queue up for t5 to complete these but you wont get the bh coms this way.

our guild runs new 50s through t5 and hit that droid as he has dropped several good pieces for them. some of the skipped bosses in other hms do the same.

hope this helps and have fun.