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Much better then that other "LFG tool" thread which reeks of nothing but elitism and arrogance. Sick of all the "spacebar gives cookies" or "spacebar pls" or the much less patient "SPACEBAR FFS!!" If I want to listen to and understand the story of the flashpoint I'm doing in this RPG then I'm certainty not going to skip through it like some ADHD child
Just ran Lost Island Hard mode for the first time the other day, me and someone else having never done it before nor read up on it - all it took was 1-2 mins before each boss to explain what happens and we were good to go. Only had one wipe during the run on the droid boss cause of a missed incinerate interrupt (can I haz interupt on my merc plz bioware ) No arbitrary black and white "gear check" or "min hp req" needed, just communication
Exactly. I just did LI HM with 2 Sorc DPS who were not even full Columi and we were successful. Because they listened to the mechanics and did what they were supposed to.
Perfection. You are looking at it.