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Sorry, wasn't expecting this post to get bumped up... Need to keep a better eye on it. XP
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I've been using this list to help me find Malavai a proper Imperial Officer's uniform, but I have a question. If I farm Hammer Station by myself, am I going to have a chance of getting the Hammer Lookout's jacket even though I'm on my warrior? Or do I need to coax an agent into running it with me so as to open up the likelihood of cunning drops like the jacket?
When it comes to solo farming Hammer Station for the uniform, I find it more likely to drop if I have a companion who has Cunning as a primary stat with me... (And if you find that it's not dropping when your healing companion is with you, try switching to a DPS companion instead.) Failing that, try someone who at least uses Medium armour (Ashara, for example). Not sure if it makes a difference, but it seems to works for me...
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Does anyone know if there's a white moddable version of the Hammer Lookout's Jacket model? I have the green (unmoddable) version, but I want a slottable one for my wardrobe.
Sadly, I don't know of any moddable version of the white Imperial uniform... Just the craftable or random drop from around level 50.