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I don't really care for the uberness either, OP. With that said, I still enjoy the EU. There are only a few things that I can't stand about the uberness.
1. Creating Black Holes(I think Luke did that so I heard anyway) If you can create a Black Hole, you really don't have to worry about the bad guys. I understand that it takes a lot of energy, but if you can master it, you don't need to worry about enemy fleets. Just suck 'em away like a vacuum cleaner.
2. Bad guys just won't die! The biggest bad guy ever(Palps) comes back from the dead, which, imo, defeats the ending of ROTJ. His return is understandable de to the fact tat this was early and EU writers had almos no ideas.
3. Super-Mando. Doesn't need explaining.
4. The Vong. They are abominations of life. Obi-Wans timeless phrase where he says "The Force surrounds us, It penetrates us, it binds the galaxy together." I believe by that he means that the Force is like the life giver of the galaxy. Everyone in the SWU is touched by The Force, the Vong are not. And thy are just plain ugly. They make great villains, but they could have found a different way for them to be unique(besides their smashing good looks)

That's pretty much it for me.
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