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Thread-Starter, if the "Uberness" can be covered with a good and interesting story to work off of, how can it be rendered lame?

Isn't the story all that matters (along with dialogue... which comes with story) and "uberness" is another part of the stroy that contributes to it to make it dramatic or something?

Yes there are limits, and that limit is the bad story... easy way out... like:

A Darth in the Sith Order (in some timeline) is aware of a rebellion brewing in the edges of the galaxy and can be considered a threat. He thinks something in his mind and those planets explode. The End.

Yes... bad. DERP. It's all in the way that the "uberness" is used and how good the main plot is.

Sooo.... DERP.

Please refer to Luke EU, Vong series

or Darth Krayt, Sidious, or Vader.
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