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If you use the force to live for a thousand years or so,fly, or pull a moon out of it's orbit, then you are over the top. Not to mention everything that starkiller does, it's over kill. I'm not trying to offend anyone, but I think most (not all) people that would really understand my point, are people like me that watched Star Wars before we had any EU. I think someone today that becomes a Star Wars fan would only see the "over the top" as the norm.Oh.. Im also not a fan of the total lack of force (the Vong) if it is in all things.. just seems all wrong to me.
I am 38 years old. I grew up on Star Wars. I love the movies. I also love the Expanded Universe a lot. I do not feel that Jedi/Sith are so overpowered. SOME may be but most are not. Luke, his son Ben and Jaina are and should be. The son and grandchildren of the Chosen One are expected to have this "uberness" you speak of. However, they also have had their tails kicked in and have been near death a few times. To me this makes them less "uber" than you think.

As for the of the best enemies the Jedi have ever faced. The fact that they were cutoff from the Force and could not be detected through it was a freat idea. It presented a weakness the Jedi were not prepared for. It surprised them and it took a while for them to recover from and overcome it. Sticking to the movies so tightly only limits, and hurts, the franchise. There are limits but the movies should not be those limits.

Also, I think Mandalorians should be one level below Jedi, maybe two. But to be on the same level or even higher like Traviss made them out to be is going too far. Her Mandos were a perfect example of your "uberness".